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You now have the ability with your membership to connect with golfers of varying interest. Play golf with mutual commitment from members to benefit our goal of golfing in the spirit of community.

1. Business Networking

Forward thinking golfers will use our industry-leading golf innovative business solution to help grow their businesses with both existing and form new partnerships.

Your business dashboard provides continuously refinement of business potential for you and keeps track of golf round play dates, persons, type of golf contest played and then marked completed when you’ve rated your outing. Business networking is not just during the golf season.

When you get an idea, learn of new business contacts, set another golf match or something that would enhance your business, just capture it immediately for future reference.

2. Golf Networking

As a community -focused golf organization, 1CGN.com is committed to continuing this journey, with offering you the opportunity to identify and select new playing partners and setting the types of golf matches you want to play.